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blog-photo-kayakFinding Earth Works is a commitment to discuss and imagine the ecosystem role that each of us can play to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. The assumption is that all work can share in supporting the well-being of the Earth.

Each week will bring thinking and occupational examples of how we can all participate.

Project Drawdown – What is it, and what can it tell us about climate savvy work?

This is a five part series on what we can forecast about jobs from the research done to identify Project…  Read more

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Envisioning Our Climate Advocacy and Climate Savvy Work Under A New Federal Administration – a three part exploration

The premise of Finding Earth Works is that all work can contribute to the adaptation needed in the face of…  Read more

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Does the Weather Forecaster on TV have a Green Job?

I don’t have a TV in the kitchen. I wonder, when you see the weather forecaster over the first cup of…  Read more

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This Bear Crosses Here, Often

“This bear crosses here, often,” is a sign that stands along the side of Route 66 in Northampton, MA. It…  Read more

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Finding Earth Works – Working Our Way to Climate Adaptation

On the Summer Solistice, the day with the most light in the Northern Hemisphere, a re-launch of the Finding Earth…  Read more

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