ACRS-PAbout Alex Risley Schroeder

Inspired to focus my work on responding to climate change, I founded Finding Earth Works. For the past 10 years, I’ve trained and supported adult educators to incorporate sustainability and climate change realities in their practice, coached individuals to develop their careers in service of the planet, designed and evaluated sustainable economy worker training programs, and, shaped public policy to innovate in response to climate change.

I have a passion and an aptitude for analysis, synthesis and collaborative sense-making, which I’ve applied in the policy realm, at both the lived and regulatory levels, and which I bring to group process, individual coaching and systems improvement. Helping people connect their lived experience to analysis is compelling to me and my capacity to move between layers of meaning, impact and perspective yields close analysis and builds pragmatic approaches to challenges, for individuals, policies and the planet.

Novel Orientation

I ask of each of us:

  • In what ways is your livelihood an avenue to build planet and species well-being?
  •  How can you be more like a salt marsh?

Salt Marsh Logo

The logo of Finding Earth Works is a salt marsh. Salt marshes are some of the most productive ecosystems on earth. They provide food and shelter as well as serve as nurseries for fish and invertebrates. They buffer shorelines from storms and erosion and protect water quality by filtering run-off and absorbing rain water. They are the edge between land and sea, the place where salt water and fresh water meet. As a habitat, they serve plants, fish, birds and mammals. They have tremendous economic value AND ecological value.

Boldly, Finding Earth Works aims to point to the way work of all kinds can serve Earth as salt marshes do.




“As we face the consequences of climate change, individuals and communities alike are experiencing both hope and fear. This represents an extraordinary opportunity to unite our need for good work and navigable career paths with participation in creating solutions to this shared challenge – and to gain a meaningful stake in all the benefits of the emerging  green economy.”


Finding Earth Works