Our green economy creates jobs, 

and supports climate adaptation. 

Remarkably, there is significant evidence that green and sustainability are more than marketing angles.

  • There are jobs.
  • There is concern about climate change, and a willingness to take action.

Finding Earth Works believes that climate-savvy workers

and climate-responsive jobs

provide critical leverage points to adapt to climate change.

Alex Risley Schroeder launched Finding Earth Works when she saw the opportunity the emerging green economy provides for meaningful work.Through workshops, strategic planning, curriculum and program development,and coaching, she will engage you, your program and your constituents in the shared challenge of re-inventing the ways we live and work.

“The future will be green, or not at all. This truth lies at the heart of humankind’s most pressing challenge: to learn to live in harmony with the Earth on a genuinely sustainable basis.”

—Jonathon Porritt, Chairman of the UK Sustainability Commission

Finding Earth Works