Finding Earth Works – Working Our Way to Climate Adaptation

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On the Summer Solistice, the day with the most light in the Northern Hemisphere, a re-launch of the Finding Earth Works website!

Finding Earth Works is a commitment to articulate the eco system role that each of us can play to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. Finding Earth Works believes that climate-savvy workers and climate-responsive jobs provide critical leverage points to adapt to climate change. The assumption is that all work can share in supporting the well-being of the Earth.

Since its founding 10 years ago, there’s been a recession, a partial and slow recovery, excitement about green jobs followed by disillusionment followed by increasing integration. Now we see, in many industries and many occupations, opportunities to respond to climate change woven into the day-to-day tasks. Every week Finding Earth Works will bring thinking and occupational examples of how we can all participate.

How has our understanding of green jobs changed in the past several years? We know more about the jobs that comprise an economy increasingly focused on sustainability, on a planet that gets warmer and warmer; this year is warmer than last, says NOAA. These jobs include more than solar energy installation work, more than forestry jobs.

Do you know someone doing so-called green work, at least for some portion of their work life? They might teach high school students about climate change. As a chef, they source local food for their restaurant. The delivery truck they drive is an electric vehicle. They have created a tool bank for sharing tools within a community as part of their work as librarian. What aspect of the work you are doing now is green?

The more light we can shed on the ways that all work contributes, or can contribute, to sustainability, the better for Earth.

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3 responses to “Finding Earth Works – Working Our Way to Climate Adaptation”

  1. Joan Tabachnick says:

    Congratulations on your opening blog! Mazel Tov! And thank you for sharing it. I also love the challenge to not just adjust how I live at home (e..g, use a CSA, grow vegetables in the back yard, move towards a more energy efficient home) but also challenge me to explore what I can change in my various work environments. A great way to celebrate this longest day of the year!

  2. Laura Porter says:

    Yay! So happy to see your inspiring words alex as I ponder my next career steps. I look forward to discussing further with you soon! !!

  3. John Risley says:

    Congrats. The website looks fabulous!! Look forward to inspirational blog posts!!!

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